What More?

Our Alluset Systems offers:

1. Octagonal soft-line for exhibit constructions.


3. Structure a space-frame ceiling system.

4. Top deck system for two story exhibit displays

Allen tool which is supplied by Alluset eliminates the need for skilled personnel as it is used to assemble the system unit solely. Precision made components are heavier walled for greater strength for the construction wall hence the construction site will be well secured and safe to pedestrians. All profiles are made of high quality alloyed aluminum for stability, durability, lightweight and long life for your constructions. Matte finish resists dirt and scratches hence keeping the temporary wall looking new hence can be used for subsequent constructions. 

The top deck story system is used to provide additional floor space. In the case of a construction site, the top deck system will give the construction site more privacy from motorists in buses and other high vehicles hence activities inside the construction site continue smoothly with minimal distractions. In general, the double deck exhibit system is used to;

• Gain visibility on the show floor. • Offer visitors an open observation area. • View products from above. • Offer customers a conference room. Top deck modular aluminum extruded frames and connectors are engineered for strength and durability hence can be used for many years. We are dedicated to offer cost effective, professional, sturdy and reusable temporary walls, home decor, furniture and structures for all our customers and we are looking forward to working with you.